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samsung vitality

  1. K

    Help: A Vitality Brick!!

    I have tons of software from reading forums (even this one), on how to unbrick a phone. the problem I have, is that the when i plug the phone in it will ask to ok the USB connection then i can see whats on the phone. the phone itself, will either stay on the SAMSUNG logo, in which case i will...
  2. C

    my phone won't send texts over wifi anymore

    i lost my phone service awhile back but was still able to send and receive texts over wifi for a month and a half or two months. all of a sudden i wasn't able to anymore. why?
  3. C

    Samsung Vitality help with Camera

    I have a Samsung Vitality i have not used in a while in great shape and i deleted the camera app. Basically i was messing around with this phone a while ago tried to install different Camera app and i deleted the factory one and now i can't get it back. I need help on putting the factory Camera...
  4. thejerk

    Root assistance in gaining space, new rom maybe?

    ive been running open android for a while now, at least 6 months. ive grown tired of it, space always being used by random items and ive never really gotten around to uninstalling worthless items. im currently running the following: android 2.3.6 kernel ver build number...
  5. T

    Help < waiting for device > infinite hang in adb/fastboot

    I have read so many guides over the last month on flashing using adb/fastboot. I do adb devices, it pops up the s/n but when I do the fastboot flash system (or recovery or boot) I get this returned: < waiting for device > it will stay like that no matter how long I let it sit! if anyone...
  6. E

    Samsung NEW PC Studio program

    SO...I thought by downloading this program it will allow me to same the contacts, apps and such in order to wipe the phone out and start over. AND again .... this is not my phone, so I do not get it in my hands enough or long enough to play with to understand the Vitality phone. The software...
  7. D

    Help Music Help!!!

    Hi guys, I have a Samsung vitality SCH-R720 running Android 2.3.4 Recently I have lost the ability to play music. My ringtones and alarms work and I am able to set my mp3s as a ringtone and listen to them through the set ringtone settings, however I am unable to get sound through the music...
  8. D

    Root Can I ROOT Without loading CFW?

    I am starting to get into Android and have a couple of devices to 'play about' on. I want to ask the following question (and I tried to enhance its searchability as I couldnt find this answer) and please be plain with the answer. Can I gain ROOT access to install appliactions; such as Avast...
  9. GiveVitality

    Root Recovery ROM !!!!!!!! Share some love!!!!!

    Hey, I've been looking far and wide for a Complete Stock Rom (Stock). Apparently, everybody who has a Vitality has either flashed it OA or does not even know ROMs exist. So I am opening this thread so everybody can share some love to this phone. System dumps, APN settings, even CWM backups are...
  10. pcwebiz

    Root Cricket Samsung Vitality Menu - Status - Flaw

    I received a Cricket Samsung Vitality and flashed it over to PagePlus Using QPST with no problem. I made a backup of the ROM and Switched over to Open Android thinking there was a APN option in the menu. There wasn't. I restored my backup using Clockwork recovery I rooted the...
  11. DaemeonZane

    Root [GUIDE] Admire To Vitality

    So I finally got around to getting the guide finished for any MetroPCS folks who want to flash to Cricket. You can find it here. I'll be doing one in reverse, to get you over to Metro, if there is popular demand for it. Have fun, folks!
  12. DaemeonZane

    Root [ROM] DE-ODEXED Cricket+ (WIP)

    So, check it out. I've gotten tired of this MMS issue that everyone is having... and the only way I've gotten it to work, is using the stock image from Cricket. So, here's what I've done. I did a backup of my phone, and have de-odexed it, rooted it, and zipaligned it. I then sent it to 2Gigayte...
  13. Stark_Raving

    Root [THEME Release] PROJECT Vital EnV for OA2.3 Final

    Project EnV initial realease. Based on the highly popular Holo theme .(Plus some rethemed GB elements) This is a very dark theme almost all the major system applications have been themed. Kangers give credit please. The primary green code is 89C300 for anyone who needs it. Hope everyone who...
  14. DaemeonZane

    Root From Admire To Vitality :(

    Delete this thread, MODs, if you would be so kind! It's no longer relevant, as the issues this post was about are actually solved, and I will be posting guides on how it was done later this afternoon.
  15. JJ_Azevedo

    Root My new stock++ 2.3.6 rom

    JUST GO TO LINK THIS IS MY STOCK++ ROM THAT I MADE EVERYTHING WORKS EXCEPT MMS LINK:http://androidforums.com/admire-all-things-root/654444-new-stock-2-3-6-rom-update-11-28-2012-a.html
  16. twogbsd

    Root Can someone pull some files for me?

    Can some one pull /system/app and /system/media please? Thanks! :D
  17. twogbsd

    Root {(ROM)} Android World Order!

    Check it out in the Admire forums HERE!
  18. B

    Help Help please!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi i did 2 backups for my vitality to install OA 2.3.20 then i followed all steps and install it, it was pretty nice and cool, but then i noticed that i had lost all my stuff and all my contacts!!!!! i tried restoring it with the backup but it didnt work so is there any way that i can recover...
  19. twogbsd

    Root Testers needed!!!

    Testers are needed for a new rom! please pm me for the link and post results here :D
  20. S

    Root [HowTo] Increase the internal memory of your Samsung Vitality

    Thanks so much to Spz0 for the custom ROM. My Vitality works so much better now! Even though he stripped out the bloatware, I was still always running out of internal storage. I tried using link2sd, but it's kind of annoying. This morning I figured out how to enlarge the internal memory. This...
  21. Stark_Raving

    Root HTC One GingerICE Theme Final[OA Final]

    Well here's the final version for Vitality/Admire users. This theme is based off the OA final rom and the new Sense 4 and the highly popular Holo/ICS. I put a good bit of work into this so if you want to port or use it in another rom please give appropriate credit. Theme Features: Sense 4...
  22. P

    Root Accessing to LBS Test Mode Menu

    Anyone know how to access the LBSTest Mode menu for the R720 Vitality
  23. twogbsd

    Root New roms coming to Vitality!

    Hello everyone, I am 2GigayteSD (yes thats misspelled ;)) But you can call me 2GB. I am a themer from the Admire forums and I would like to bless you Vitality users with some roms :D I am in the works of making some roms now, and will post them at a later date. I may also port some Admire...
  24. D

    Help I'm trying to root and...

    I think I've done it all right. I have the drivers. I have the zipfile. I'm unpacking to my sd card on my phone. With superuser installed, now I am running run.bat file from the file explorer in my computer, it rebooted my phone, but I had -no- 3g service, but could still get calls? I'm not sure...
  25. J

    Help Just wondering

    Is there any way that I can update my samsung vitality from the 2.3.4. To anything that is higher and also is there any way I can get temple run for it too I've found some websites and instaled it but it just forces on me so can u guys please help me?