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Help Can I safely delete .txt files from my Moto G Power?


Feb 15, 2021
I have two files in the Documents & Other folder in my Files app. They're titled MyWorkLog.txt and ssoLogs.txt and I'd like to delete them. They don't appear to be important, but I don't wanna screw anything up on my phone, either. When I open each file with HTML Viewer it appears they belong to an old app I no longer have installed called Reflexis that was used for viewing my work schedule and other such stuff. Is it safe to delete these?
Probably. Especially if they were created by an app you no longer have installed. They certainly don't sound like any core system files I know.

("Documents and Other" isn't a folder in the sense of a folder in the file system, it's just a category within that Files app. So that in itself tells us nothing about the origin of the files, just how the Files app classifies them - or possibly fails to classify them and so just lumps them in this "other stuff" category ;)).
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