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Can I save my calendar events before factory reset if phone won't boot?


Dec 8, 2013
Hi, hoping someone can help me - I have a Galaxy Ace and it won't boot - it's stuck at the Samsung logo. I can get it into recovery mode and have cleared the cache - I'm guessing my only option is a factory reset but is there any way I can save the contents of my calendar before I do it? I recorded my daughter's milestones there and I haven't written them down yet (so, so silly I know). I don't think I synced it with my google account (can't find it). Also, do I remove my SIM and SD card prior to the factory reset or does it not matter? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks :)

ETA - Or to save my text messages?
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Unfortunately I don't think you can save the calendar without being able to get on the phone.

As far as the factory reset.
You can leave in your simm card that should not affect anything. You can also leave in your sdcard but shouldn't hurt if its out.

There are plenty of apps that help save text messages but again you need to be able to get on the phone and actually use the app to save them.
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Is there a chance that there's a calendar.txt or similar on the SDcard?
My events are saved in this file using Mobile BackupII app and I have a microSD adapter for my laptop so can take the MSD out and read it on my PC if I want to.There may be a default file for you Calendar with the events.

For future reference use the above free app and copy the backup to your computer as well.Then no need to write them down e.g Have backups of the backups.
You can also get usb MSD adapters cheap off eBay/Amazon or connect via USB cable to copy over or even Bluetooth.


I upgraded my Galaxy Ace supplied 2gig MSD for a 32gig one(12 beer tokens off eBay) and use the old 2gig one in this laptop/readyboost using the MSD adapter :)
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How long have you let it sit on the samsung logo? If there was a system update applied, it could be there for upwards of 20 minutes while it updates. Longer if you had a boatload of apps.

The Calendar app saves events to the database associated with the Google account the phone is registered to. If it wasn't sync'ed then you are SOL as that database is stored in the protected system area.

If you have rooted your phone and can get it into fastboot mode, you *may* be able to back up the calendar manually and then restore it after the fact by following this [ROOT] Manually backup/restore call history, text messages and contacts - xda-developers. I said "may" because 1.) I have never done this so I am not sure if those filenames and locations are specific to a ROM/Android version and 2.) even if you can find the file and copy it, you might not be able to access it after a reset due to authentication and permissions changing. It could be something to try if the calendar is that important, but be prepared for it not working, too.
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