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can i ssh into my moto droid

This appears to be what the Android community refers to as 'root`ing' it appears NOT to be possible YET.

i have researched what rooting your android is, i did this before i posted and that is not what i mean. winscp is a tool you can use to remote access your phone so you can browse its files/folders, exp....../root/stash/mobile/user/app

in order for you to do it with the iphone,you had to install these apps on your phone,open ssh, automatic ssh/toggle ssh and i think open ssl.
winscp connects to your phone threw the network, your phone will need to be connected to wi-fi. hope this clears up my question a lil better. plus how can i find what my wi-fi ip is on my phone,when its connected to wi-fi
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connectbot is a ssh client. you use this to connect to other host. inorder to ssh to droid, a ssh daemon must be running in droid. openssh in iphone is a daemon which allows you to connectto it.

Untill someone figures out how to root droid, i dont think it'll be possible to run a ssh daemon in it.
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