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Help Can I turn off syncing for backup assistant?


Dec 9, 2010
Is there any way to stop backup assistant from syncing TO my phone? I just got a Vortex last month and it is very annoying to have 2 copies of everyone's info in each contact.
Here is an example of what I get because of this:

Home - 867-5309
Home - 8675309

If there isn't any way to stop the syncing is there any way to get rid of the backup assistant?
any way besides rooting? I might root my phone eventually.
from you homescreen>press your menu button>select settings>applications>manage applications>sync services (w/Backup Icon)>clear data.
Now your back up assistant is wiped clean from your phone
next go into you contacts>press menu button>display contacts and choose what contacts you want to see ie. Gmail
Hope this helps got more ?'s
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