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Can we use the HDMI output for more than just movies and pictures

This is the final question for me that has yet to be answered. It's the only thing still left up in the air. I want to be able to plug my EVO into the TV and use all the features currently on the phone. Specifically web browsing. If this is not available can we blame it on a hardware limitation or software.

Maybe it's something that will work with the Dock when it's released since it comes with an HDMI cable. I can't believe I can't find a straight answer considering Ive seen the question asked on other forums as well. If it works the way I would hope then it's an easy replacement for my jaloppy of a computer.
Hopefully the inevitable Netflix app and other streaming apps will support this too.

Imagine taking your EVO to a buddy's house to watch a favorite show, all streamed from your Netflix to an HDTV.

Hopefully the HDMI port will become standard for most smartphones, if it does, there's a higher chance of developers supporting it more fully.
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i wanna run this thing in my car :D so either that or a 7-12" screen w/hdmi in that isn't like a billion dollars

Yeah, I was looking into Pyle Overhead LCDs since they have screens with above 1080p resolutions, but ALL of them have just composite video input. So the max resolution you can actually use is 480p. :thinking: :mad:

I'm making a custom iPad mount instead since it can actually support HD video.
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For only $56.00 each when QTY 50+ purchased - HDFURY - DVI TO VGA(RGB) CONVERTER *BLUE EDITION* (STANDARD EDITION) | HDFury - HDMI(DVI) to RGB Converters (potentially cheaper on ebay)

This is the most promising lead i've had so far. Most people say good things about the HD fury. I am worried that it doesn't require power (or asks for power over the HDMI/DVI line, could be an issue) but, that coupled with:

Amazon.com: Eforcity HDMI-F to DVI-M Video Adaptor with Gold…

this *SHOULD* do the trick with everything i've read. then I just need a micro HDMI -> HDMI cable (already ordered :D) my only issue is the HDMI-> DVI converter. it was dirt cheap, so we will see how well it works (waiting on that before I order an HDFury). Will certainly report my findings!
So you're not trying to go to RCA then (compononent or composite), but VGA?
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If this works, then you are the man. Everything I have seen says you need a big converter box to do it, so this will be quite a find if it's true...

FYI for power in the car:

Amazon.com: Cobra CPI 480 400 Watt 12 Volt DC to 120 Volt AC Power…

will review when I get it, but everyone has very good reviews on this, has 2 power receptacles + a usb (although the USB is betwen the power, could cause issues) AND comes with a car lighter adapter (although you wont get full power unless you jack right into your battery.. its enough for a monitor + cell charge)

This is a very good price imo.. and direct from amazon
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