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Help Can you turn off the verbal notification when you open/close an app folder?

Are you using the light flow app? I think I read about this being an issue with that app.

You nailed it. That was the problem.

Do you know of any other app that controls the behavior of the notification LED that I can now use instead of LightFlow?

Thanks so much. I was going to go to the Verizon store and see if they could have helped me. And I just know they wouldn't have had a clue!
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Out of curiosity have any of you tried disabling 'TalkBack' in app management and see if it'll resolve that annoying voice problem?

I don't use any of the apps mentioned so I wouldn't really know. That's one of the first things I disabled on my Note, Note 2 and Note 10.1. Have no use for it.

These issues are present when talk back is off.
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Here's a link that explains the issue. The conversation is between the dev of Light Flow and Samsung. Looks like it's known issue that Samsung is working on. It affects any program that needs to be turned on in accessability. Hopefully Samsung will resolve this issue with an update.
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Are we losing anything important by having Lite flow turned off?
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