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Help cannot access andriod market

i just got the upgrade to 2.1 (my old moment died in the process of being upgraded :( ) and now i have to get all my app back... howvere, when attempting to access the andriod market a get this:

A server error has occured. Rety, or cancel and retunr to the previous screen.

I tried reseting my profile and even tried to acess the market from my PC. I received a notice of a failed security certificate.
After Sprint replaced my Moment and all the updates completed, I was unable to access the Market, after many hours and B.S. advice from Sprint Tech Support, they upgraded my phone to a new one, but let me keep my old phone. So not one to let something just drop, I decided to try a few things, the one thing that worked was to go into settings, Manage applications, located the Market app, open and a button was labeled "Uninstall Updates". I did this tried the Market and it worked with no problem.

Give it a shot.
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