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Help Cannot access internal storage anymore. WTF?


Jul 29, 2010
Since we had an update a while back, I am no longer able to access the internal storage on my droid x. I have OI file manager and astro file manager and neither of them are able to access my phone's internal storage. When I go into the settings and look at my phones storage It only shows what's available on the sd card And I no longer have the option to switch the default storage device from my phone's internal storage 2 the sd card. What happened, and how do I get this back?
Were you rooted before? The internal memory is only for app storage and is not normally accessible. If you took the latest update (.621) without using Rootkeeper, you lost root. Getting it back is...not easy.

I know this use to be possible on this phone. My wife's droid x 2 can hit the files icon and not only look at both the internal storage and external storage but also swap files between the 2. There's 8 gigabytes of internal storage on the droid x that is only used for apps? That's ridiculous! I have never been rooted. On my wife's phone you can select the primary storage device as being internal or sd. Like when you're in the camera. How come this phone cannot do that anymore?
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