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How To Cannot Activate Phone with *228

Hi, I tried putting my ESN on reachoutwireless and calling them with the esn to switch phones it simply does not go through, I press *228 and All I get is a "Your phone is not authorized to make calls to from this phone number if you would like additional capabilities added to your account please call customer service" then it goes to the spanish version of it then "Programing unsuccessful". someone I know has this service on the same phone and this company uses Verizon network. I don't know what the problem is. Is there anything I need to set on the phone? It was bought used clean ESN checked online and I did call verizon they verified it was clear.
Truegamergirl, first off, Welcome to the site! :)

But I just want to ask one question just to make sure.

Are you trying to do what you want on a Motorola A855 (OG Droid) phone?

And then I would like to point out that while a VZW phone is probably compatible with the service you want to use, it is in my experience that dialing *228 usually only works when the phone is actually registered and used on the VZW network.

Let us know and good luck.
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