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Help Cannot install certain apps on my Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime after factory reset


Jul 8, 2018
Hey there!

I have this Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (bought around three years ago). As it was getting annoyingly slow I decided to factory reset it. Okay, it got too much better but now it doesn't let me to install some applications. Specifically I am trying to install the 'Airbnb' app and actually when I look for this in Google Store it doesn't even show up in the list. If I search in Google using Chrome I do find it but when I tap the install button it says that my 'device is not compatible with this version'. The funny part is that I had the very same app version installed before to reset the phone and it worked fine then so I KNOW that it is able to run it.

So I checked the OS version and it says it is Android 6.0.1. I think this is the problem. Along the last three years it may have updated my Android for a newest version (I don't know which one) and probably when I factory reset it I may got too much back in time. :(

Now the question is: how can I force it to update to a newest Android version?

I tried config >> software update >> download updates manually but it didn't work -- it turns a wheel for a few seconds (looking for available updates) and after a while it says that the latest updates are already installed (and don't let me do anything else).

The only things that passed through my mind so far was to bring it to a maintenance store or bang my phone with a hammer and buy a new one. LoL!


However I was looking for less drastic options... Any idea???
sorry but a factory reset does not work that way. it will not erase the updates. it erases all user data.

my guess is the reverse. airbnb discontinued support for android 6,0.....in the play store the app info says that it supports devices on android 7.0 and up.

not much you can do at this point....other then find an older version of airbnb that supports android 6.0. i have no idea where you can look for it or what version you will need. but that is what google is for;)
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I just checked at Sammobile.com and the latest firmware for the J2 Prime (any model version) seems to be 6.0.1. So there never was a newer version for that phone.

(Of course, as @ocnbrze says, a factory reset would not change the OS version. The reason for checking was in case there was an update that you'd been unable to install over the air for any reason).
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