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Help Cannot see home Wi-Fi


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May 12, 2010
London, UK
My Nexus 7 has suddenly stopped seeing my home Wi-Fi network.

The router is a BT HH4. I've turned it on and off. Everything else connects to it fine (HTC One, S4, Nexus 5).

I've done a factory reset of the N7. Still does not see the network.

I've tried entering the network details, just says it is out of range.

Any suggestions?
Then I suspect the hub is causing the problem. I know nothing about the HH4 but my HH2 has done similar odd things in the past, refusing to authenticate a device for no obvious reason. It turned out that it had used up all its dynamic IPs and for some reason wasn't reusing the now unused ones at the bottom of the range. I reset the DHCP table (and enlarged it just to be on the safe side) and it's been fine since.

Of course your HH4 is probably completely different, but the DHCP settings is where I'd look first.

Edit: as an afterthought, have the hub's wifi settings been reconfigured recently, perhaps into a mode that is incompatible with some devices? I have no idea what mode this could be, I just tossed it into the mix to jog your memory in case there have been forgotten changes.
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Doesn't seem to be anything in the DCHP side (not that I know what I'm looking for!). It isn't that it won't authenticate... the N7 doesn't even offer the network as being there to choose. It see's all my neighbours networks. It will connect to any of the phones Portable Wifi Hotspots. Help!

That's why I asked if anything had been changed in the hub settings.

On my HH2 I can look at a list of devices that have ever connected - even those not currently connected - so I can see my Nexus 7 (say) listed (by its MAC address usually) and its current status. When I was having connection problems I found that the connection was marked "expired" and a temporary solution was to delete it on the hub, then "forget" the connection on the N7 and scan again.

The inability to "see" the hub is unexplained but I still suspect DHCP; it may be a "feature" of the HH4 firmware to hide when no DHCP addresses are available.

It's simple enough to clear the existing DHCP tables and start again; in the worst case all it will cost you is the effort required to reconnect your devices and at best may fix your problem.
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I have a "Cisco" LinkSys E1200 that, with factory firmware, would crash out and stop allowing wireless devices to connect. Whatever was already linked would stay, but no new connections. This would happen regularly, sometimes 3-4 times a day.

When it would happen, it would also lock out all access to its web GUI.

I was ready to replace the router, but decided to try some custom firmware. Enter DD-WRT.

The router runs PERFECTLY now, and I have complete control over many aspects of its operation. Needless to say, I haven't even touched the router since, been running rock-solid for several months now.
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