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Help Cannot sent texts since 2.3.3 update


Aug 30, 2011
Hi, the 2.3.3 update popped onto my HTC Desire Z a couple weeks ago. I tried to send an SMS and got the "please wait" message for about half a second then it dissappeared. The text was still on the screen ready to go. Nothing had happened.

I then went on holiday for 2 weeks and now I am back the same thing is happening. It does not matter if I try to reply or find a person in Contacts and text them or go in to Messages and find a contact that way - same result. So not been able to send a text/sms for over two weeks now.

I have tried the obvious off/on, battery out/in etc but no change.
Any suggestions?
HTC have a live support chat service so I tried it (and the email support). The guy on chat told me a secret code to enter to put in the latest SMS centre number for vodafone. It now works! It seems the 2.3.3 update wiped the setting.

The email response was quick but told me to back up everything and hard reset the devive. Glad I got the chat bloke first!
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