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Help Can't Access Internal Memory from Phone


Apr 23, 2012
I just did a couple things to my phone. The first was clearing off a bunch of apps, cleared off application memory, and was finally able to upgrade my HTC Incredible to 4.08.605.2. I also discovered that my SD card was corrupt and not working, so I bought and installed a new 16 gb sandisk card. Before doing all that, I backed up all my music and photos from my phone onto my computer.

Now the problem: I can't access any of my pictures via the gallery or music player on my phone. When I open my phone on my computer, they're all still there in the DCIM and Music folders. When I browse my phone using astro, they're still on there located in /emmc. I noticed this when my ringtone stopped working all of a sudden (after installing the new SD card, which works btw). When I try to copy and paste my ringtone in the system/media/audio/ringtones folder, I get the following error:

java.io.FileNotFOundException: /....file name..... (Read-only file system)

Anyone know why this might have happened, and how I can fix it?

Go to menu - settings - applications - manage applications - all tab - find gallery and click on it. Then click clear data and restart the phone. If that dosent work, copy all the files on the sdcard to your pc. Then reformat the sdcard fat32 with the pc. Copy all the files back to the sdcard, and see if gallery shows them then.
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not working :(

I removed my SD card, restarted the phone & took some pics. Still nothing is visible through Gallery :(

Are you sure there are no more .nomedia files in the path to the pics? Also make sure none of the folders or files start with a . Other than that, im not sure what it could be. Try to flash another rom, or do an ruu and see if it still happens.
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