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Root can't boot into download or factory reset


May 26, 2013
Recently purchased an unlocked i8160 on eBay. I've recently been researching ways to rooting. I've rooted other phones no problem. After searching, I decicde to try a factory reset. Seems none of the combinations worked. Same with download mode. Except, in trying download mode it boots to a phone test screen. The combination was home+power.
BTW, the phone boots up with 2 sets of android screens and does not appear to be a Samsung product.
Thanks for the help
I've tried those methods. The problem is it starts to boost with white android Guy then goes to blue animated android Guy with gears animated inside him. I bought this phone on eBay and am starting to think it's a counterfeit.
There isn't any Samsung markings except on the back cover. Very frustrating, would like to root and install custom roms.
Thanks for the help.
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First, let me say this...

DON'T BUY SMARTPHONES OFF EBAY!!!!1! ARE YOU CRAZY?!!!!!!!!11!!11!1!!!!!

lol, that out the way

The boot screen you described sounds like maybe cyanogen mod which is not officially supported on the phone. Honestly sounds to me like the seller installed a custom ROM and softbricked the device.

Either way, you've been had. File a report with Ebay and demand your money back. Then get your Ace 2 handset from a trusted retailer.
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Since my last posting, I have done some additional research. Seems the phone is a Chinese Star i8160. Is there any way to root this phone and install CWM recovery. I still haven't found a way to get in download/recovery modes.

Any help woould be great. And yes, I will never buy a phone from EBay again.

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You're not likely to get much support for that as it sounds like (never heard of it myself) a replica phone made in china. Why on earth they'd bother to replicate the Ace 2 is beyond me but the problem is it would be hard to know what firmware it needs and what would work best.

Doing some research it seems the phone MIGHT be legit, but it also might not be. I cannot find ANY information on firmware however so it's very possible you're screwed. File a fraud complaint with EBay and request a refund.Assume your handset is a lost cause. I think that's the best thing to do. Doubt you'll get much more help here (at least in this section of the forums) as your phone is not a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.
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