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samsung galaxy ace 2

  1. N

    Samsung Galaxy Ace duos GT-S6802

    When I install google play services 8.4.89 and google play store 6.2.03 both wok fine together but downloading from play store doesn't work sometimes. But play services updates to 9.4.2 version. Now play store screen goes blank. Some google apps on phone do not work. Now, How to make google play...
  2. C

    Help Samsung Galaxy S2 Wifi won't turn on

    Hi, I just received a hand-me down S2 phone. I am trying to turn on the wifi on and it won't show any networks available even though I know there a lots in the area. It says Wifi Turning on but then just shuts down. As I just received the phone, I do not have sim card and data so hoping to...
  3. S

    Ace 2 and Barclays App

    Hi, I downloaded the Barclays Mobile app about 3 years ago, although never really used it much. I now need to use it but when I try to log in I get a message "Sorry, unable to connect, check your connection and signal strength ". Everything else is connecting on the phone so I think there maybe...
  4. T

    Help Call Menu Missing

    Hi, My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 (GT-I8160) running Android v4.1.2. I recently moved provider from EE to The People's Operator (both UK operators and actually, TPO runs over the EE network) and since then caller ID doesn't seem to be working i.e. regardless of whether or not the caller's...
  5. L

    Help Mobile data not working

    Hi guys! I have a problem - mobile data is not working, factory reset is not helping. The weird thing is that Waze works perfectly fine (it's getting traffic info online) and I can browse Google store - but I can't browse regular web pages (won't load at all) and I can't download any...
  6. S

    Help Galaxy Ace 2 has much less memory than it should?

    I believe my new Galaxy Ace 2 (i8160) is supposed to have 4GB of device memory, but when I go to look at it it says it has a total of only 1.2GB, while it also says it has another 1.1GB of 'USB Storage'. What is this 'USB Storage'? Assuming it is another form of internal phone storage, 1.2 +...
  7. K

    Help Out of memory

    Hello, I have a Galaxy Ace 2 that I've been having some issues with. I have a SD card that I save all my photos to, but for some reason my phone is saying I have 497mb of pictures/videos on my phone. I went through all my folders, I have one picture, and no videos on the phone. All of my...
  8. S

    Help Should I upgrade my new Ace 2 from Android 2.3 ?

    I'm about to get a new Galaxy Ace 2 running Android 2.3. Does 2.3 still work fine? Should I stick with that or immediately update it to eg 4.4? Is it straightforward to upgrade an Ace 2 to 4.4? Or, if I do, does 4.4 cause more bug problems than it's worth? Any advice much appreciated.
  9. W

    Help Cant watch video from another phone

    Hi So my wife sent me a video she recorded of our daughter and all im getting is the audio, her phone is the Samsung s3. If I send her videos she can watch it on her phone. Ive been using quick pic to transfer the videos.
  10. MJL2

    Help Screen Mirroring?

    Hi, Can anyone advise of how to mirror streamed content from my Ace2 phone onto my Samsung smart tv? I've tried their allcast software but it doesn't work too well. Have been looking into MHL->HDMI cables but am led to believe these won't work on this model. Confused... Cheers
  11. V

    Help My phone (GT-S7560m) won't boot! Here is the deal!

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy Ace IIx GT-S7560m Hey guys, I broke the glass of my phone, so I bought a new one online (screen digitizer replacement). I changed it, but now my phone won't boot. When I turn on the phone, it won't go further than the first loading page (which says: GT-S7560M.... SAMSUNG)...
  12. pintree3

    Root Searching a step-by-step guide to rooting, unlocking and all else but...

    Seeing that I'm moving out of the country to China my Samsung will no longer be under warranty nor will I be committed to my provider hence I could do whatever I want with it. The question is how. I want to take my phone with me so I can then use something local--basically get a sim card and go...
  13. Sweaty Yeti

    Root Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

    Hi guys, glad to be here. I'm struggling to find a custom ROM for my Galaxy Ace 2. Any help would be appreciated. TIA.
  14. A

    Help Upadate Google: Not enough room

    It seems my phone memory is nearly full as recently Google could not update due to not enough room. I have lots of spare room on the SD card and where possible have installed my downloaded apps to the card. I would like to transfer some of the pre-installed apps to the card but the options to...
  15. pm5544

    32 Micro SD cards compatibility

    Are 32gb Micro SD cards compatible with Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 onwards?
  16. S

    Accessories Bluetooth functionality

    So my dad has the ace2x and has a Bluetooth headset from his old non-smart phone. On his old phone he use to just push the button on the headset and say a contacts name and the phone would dial the number. It doesn't do that on this phone and for the life of me I can't find any way to make it...
  17. P

    Update Samsung i8160

    It seems that there is an update for my Samsung Galaxy II (i8160) I have never done this before but I know that there are many webpages that can help me. My questions are about the contents of this update. Updating a phone is similar to erasing a hard drive on a computer and installing a new...
  18. D

    Help Samsung galaxy ace 2 gt-i8160 bricked. Help.

    Hey guys i was trying to put CWM on my galaxy ace 2 to upgrade it from jelly bean to kitkat but that cost my phone to be bricked. I can go to odin mode (downloading mode) but i don't know what to do and i don't have the right files and can't find them on google. Can anyone help me here? thank...
  19. W


    Hi folks. My first post so be gentle. Had my Galaxy Ace 2 since new, like many others I always have a shortage of memory issues. All the stuff I can transfer to the external sd card has been done. No issues there. But yesterday I tried to free up more space and think I may have delete some or...
  20. D

    Help Internal memory seems to have erased itself - Galaxy Ace 2

    Hi All, Considering the things I've ready on the forum already I'm not holding out much hope but if anyone can[SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri] help me out I
  21. D

    Internal memory seems to have 'deleted' itself

    Hi All, Considering the things I've ready on the forum already I'm not holding out much hope but if anyone can[SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri] help me out I
  22. J

    Photobucket pictures not showing on forums

    I'm using the browser that came with the Galaxy Ace 2, it has never been updated or anything. The problem has just started in the past month or something. When I go into the watch forum I am a member of, photobucket pictures show up as the little blue box. Also the ones I post show as the blue...
  23. kev0055

    Upgrading Ace 2 from Gingerbread to Kitkat 4.4.4

    Upgrading from stock Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 from Gingerbread to Kitkat 4.4.4 Google for and Download the following files: - Odin v3.07 or later - I8160XXMC8_I8160TMNMC3_TMN.zip (containing odin firmware in .tar.md5 format) - cm11.0_codina.nova.20141011.zip (Cyanogenmod 11 kitkat 4.4.4 for...
  24. R

    Help samsung galaxy ace 2 music player problem

    I have the Samsung galaxy ace 2. I transfer the songs from computer via kies to the phone . I save the music oi microsd card. when I play the music player it doesn't play the music. error message say the player does not support this type of audio file. i use the mp3 format. I use same music...
  25. I

    Help Phone occasionally randomly dies

    I have an odd situation where occasionally when I take my phone out of my pocket it's completely dead. I open it up, remove and replace the battery, and then it works again, with the same amount of battery charge as it had before. So I'm wondering if it's dodgy contacts or something. Has...