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Nov 8, 2014
Hi folks. My first post so be gentle.
Had my Galaxy Ace 2 since new, like many others I always have a shortage of memory issues. All the stuff I can transfer to the external sd card has been done. No issues there. But yesterday I tried to free up more space and think I may have delete some or all of "android" or "android secure" folder. None of the media files can be access although they are still present, the camera can be accessed but no controls are visible.
Gallery just says "loading", thunbnails appear in QuickPic but clicking on any thumbnails, screen goes blank. Music player shows black screen.
Sound and images in other apps seems to work OK.

I would be grateful for any advice to try to fix the phone. Is there some way I can find out which files have been deleted and is it possible to install these files again?

Thanks in advance :thinking:
I have been trying all possibilities in the last few days and have found that if the ext sd card is taken out all the functions, camera, gallery and sound player work correctly.
I have formatted another memory card and as soon as I put the card in the phone and the card is prepared, it's back to the faults no camera, no library of photos and no sound.
would a hard restore solve this problem. I have backed up everything I can think of. in preparation for the event.

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