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Root Can't boot to recovery, not receiving calls, in over my head


May 19, 2011
Let me start by saying that I am in way over my head here. I bought a rooted droid (cyanogen 7.0.2) off craigslist a few weeks ago, my first android device. Now when my girlfriend calls my phone doesn't ring. As you'd expect, this isn't an ideal situation and I need to fix it. I decided to check Rom Manager and see if there was a newer ROM I could use, and downloaded Cyanogen 7.0.3. But when I go to reboot into clockwordmod recovery (I've tried doing it from rom maanger, as well as rebooting while holding X until I see the Motorola logo), it just boots up normally and won't boot into recovery.

I've done a lot of searching and read a lot of threads and nothing I've read has been able to help me with this. Like I said, I'm in over my head and am unfamiliar with a lot of the technical terms that fly around these boards, I guess what I need is an idiot's guide to fixing my issue. At this point, I'd be happy restoring to factory if that's what it takes but I don't think I can because I can't boot to recovery. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I can't help with CWR or ROM manager, because I don't know the Droid like I know my D2G.... But to get into recovery, you have to hold both X AND the power button until you see the M logo. At that point, you can let go. Then you'll see a triangle with an exclamation point inside and a little green android. Press the search button on your keyboard, and you'll be in stock recovery. You can try doing the same thing but instead of pressing X, press both volume keys at the same time + the power button. I've read that this puts you into Clockwork Recovery but have never tried it.
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Thanks! After much trial and error I was able to get liquid gignerbread installed but that still hasn't fixed my primary problem of my GF calling and it going to voicemail. Now, sometimes, if she calls my default ringtone will just start playing with no way to turn it off and no way to see if a call is being made or if I can pick it up.
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In all actuality, I would suggest getting MyBackupRoot (MBR) from the market (it's free). It has two backup options, apps and data. I would backup all my apps, then go to backup data and backup call logs, bookmarks, sms, and mms. Then I would do a factory data reset
menu -> settings -> privacy -> factory data reset
This will not unroot your droid, nor remove your custom rom. All it's going to do is make you re-install your apps, etc. and probably clean out whatever left over gunk that is messing up your ringtones and such.

When your phone reboots, you will be presented with the 'touch the android' screen. Once you have successfully signed back into your google account and it starts to sync, set your phone down and leave it alone until you see the "xxx applications restored" message in the notification bar. Do NOT pass GO, do NOT collect $200. Then you can use MBR to restore the data and any apps that didn't automatically restore. You will also have to manually reset your custom ringers and notifications, but it should work alot better now.

good luck
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Teddy - thanks for posting this. When I was on with Verizon last night, they had me do the same factory reset. After that, the calling issue was fixed so I restored my ROM through my old clockword backup and it broke again. I was looking for a way to just backup apps and data so I could run a factory reset again and get my apps back and you gave it to me. Thanks so much, I'll me doing this in the couple hours and post my results later.

Thanks again!
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Sometimes the apps restore better while on WiFi. The problem is after a factory data reset, your saved WiFi locations get erased. I live in an extended network area so after a few moments, the phone makes me turn on WiFi and log in again. For others, sometimes it is better to bypass the android (touch the four corners clockwise starting upper left), then turn on WiFi, then sign into google.

But you should still be fine, but if not, there's the above secondary method.

good luck
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