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Help Can't connect my S3 to PC with USB!!


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Aug 21, 2010
Lenovo Thinkstation, Win 7 Pro. Android 4.1.2. Kies with the latest updates. USB debugging is turned OFF (I'm just trying to transfer files)

When I connect the USB cable to the PC the S3 dings and the charging lightning bolt comes on but nothing happens on the PC side. I've tried 2 different USB cables including the one that came with it. Kies says "Please connect a device"

I've seen people complain about PC connection problems with the S3 all over the web, along with all kinds of bizarre folk-remedies! Why does Samsung make this so hard? I have literally dozens of other USB devices that work as soon as I plug them in - scanners, digitizers, printers, harddrives, video-cameras, iPods, DSLR's, other brands of (non-Samsung) cellphones, Asus tablet, cardreaders, encryption devices, etc, ONLY THE S3 IS A PROBLEM.


(thanks in advance)
Try pulling down your notification bar when attached to your pc and change to ptp and then back to mtp.

When I pull down the notification bar I don't see any settings for PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) or MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). Regardless of whether USB is plugged in, what USB cable I use, or where the cable is plugged in on the PC.
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