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Can't download MMS :(


May 26, 2010
I'm having some problems downloading MMS's ppl send me, when my phone trys to download I get the error "unable to download, transient error" The messages are only 200kb is size and my phones set to receive up to a 600kb MMS.

I have tried ringing Telstra & HTC both couldn't help me, and I have just Factory reset my phone and still no good.

Here is my current mms settings:

  1. MMSC: http://mmsc.telstra.com:8002.
  2. MMS Proxy
  3. MMS Port 80.
  4. Authentication type: Normal.
Any idea's ? Thanks for reading.
I had something similar when I first got my Virgin Mobile Desire here in the UK, phoned them and got a text message settings update and once that was installed it now works fine, guessing it's a network thing rather than your phone.

Out of interest, how do you set up a MMS size limit? thanks.

Messages>menu>settings>maximum message size

You can set up to 600kb
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