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Root Cant find Wi-Fi signal after Instaling New ROM.

Sorry for my bad English, I am not really good at Gramar.:)
Hello guys.
I flashed CyanogenMod 6 into my device.

After playing around it for about 2 weeks, I decided to try another ROM. I make a NANDroid backup and installed TastyGinger.

After playing with it for only 2 hours, I really miss the little blue android with a skateboard (Oh, yes, it's CyanogenMOD) So I decided to do a NANDroid Restore. Everything seems to be okay.

However, a trouble happened. I can't find a wi-fi signal at my home! The access point is turned on, the SSID is broadcasted. My laptop can connect to the Wi-Fi, but my phone can't find the signal! Even I do the NANDroid restore to the stock rom (Eclair), but that won't help!
What to do with this? Now I have to use EDGE (Yes, Thailand doesn't have 3G.) is there anyway to fix this?
Access Point Details
Wi-Fi Class G, Secured with WPA/WPA2-PSK
SSID - Lamyai, LamyaiWIFI, WIFI@Lamyai (Changing SSID won't help)
Phone Details
HTC Hero, CyanogenMod6
If you want anymore information, just comment in a thread:)


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