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Can't Get Foober to see & Play Music Folder


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Apr 13, 2020
I downloaded foobar onto my travel Samsung phone a few weeks ago and it worked. But now it doesn't and I don't know what I did to get it to work the first time. It doesn't see the MUSIC folder. When I press Foobar it shows an empty foobar2000 music folder. Connected the phone to my computer, which is how I moved the MP3 files to the MUSIC folder, but it doesn't show a foobar folder to which I could move the MP3 files from the computer. What I am doing wrong?.
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Yeah, its there somewhere.
Files, or something similar.

Yet another reason I stay away from Samsung- just too many inane differences.

Anyway, just use this one for now, just for simplicity.


Simple tools is the one I use as default, the one that came with oneplus was one of those annoying file managers that assumes that your only reason for browsing your file system is to look for photos.
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