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Help cant get into fastboot


Android Enthusiast
Jul 29, 2010
Berkshire, England
ok my gf had 2.1 stock and im trying to put cust rom on her phone via fastboot .. i have installed the 2.1 with fastboot rom via kdz . but when i press and hold camera + power it will not go to the blank screen , it will just reboot phone as normal ...

how can i get this to work so i can fastboot her cust rom

ps i have searched every forum thinkable and not come up with y it wont work
if the windows prompt says waiting for device the the fastboot device driver is not installed. I had this same issue.

Why dont u plugin in the phone while you are in the fastboot mode and plug into USB and let windows search for driver (Go to device manager and delete the android phone with yellow exlamation mark and click refresh)

Dat way it worked for me and I installed Cyanogen Mod 7 :)
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