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lg optimus (gt540)

  1. T

    Music Playlists keep disappearing, even though songs are still there

    I have an LG optimus phone and Cricket is my carrier. I'm having problems with my Music Player (not Google music). Another thread had problems with their songs disappearing, but the names of the playlists still being intact. I have the OPPOSITE problem. I will create a playlist of a handful of...
  2. K

    Help optimus won't send pics

    I had the problem with not being able to send or receive pictures in texts. What I found was that it will only work if my mobile data is on. It wouldn't work with wi-fi connection only.
  3. A

    Help What is the highest version of Android which works perfectly on LG GT 540 phones please??

    I have an LG GT 540 phone. It came on 1.6, I managed to upgrade using LG Suite to 2.1 However as virtually no apps works on 2.1 anymore I need to upgrade it. I would want 4.0/4.1 however when googling about the download patches to upgrade to them both of those 2 break the phone's camera, so...
  4. A

    Firefox OS

    Hi, With the firefox OS now finally released, does any body know if there;s any way we can change the OS toFirefox OS as I've heard it does not require very good specs??
  5. A

    Help with rooting my Optimus Dynamic

    Hi, I have an LG Optimus Dynamic that I'm trying to root. I tried Gingerbreak and it didn't work - it just did nothing. I didn't see a subforum for the dynamic, and was wondering if I could use the instructions for a different Optimus or if I'm just out of luck. Does anyone know? It runs...
  6. A

    Help editing framework-res.apk

    hi, i'm trying to change this color in another but i can't find xml or png in framework for this.please help!
  7. H

    Help help!!!i dont have an operating system 4 my lg gt540

    i brought the phone and it had a fake software so i went on lg website to update and now it is stuck on lg logo reason beacause is i dnt have a operateing system how do i get an os
  8. A

    Help help

    LG GT540 Optimus stuck on download mode, can't hard reset, can't boot, and worse, I can't even flash it... when I plug it in, the KDZ freezes up.:(
  9. P

    Root Upgrade version?

    Hiii guys, i am using LG Optimus GT540 and want to upgrade android version 2.1 to 4.0. Is it possible and hows dat possible??
  10. A

    Help Pleasee help! arm11 crashed ! URGENT !

    HEllo everyone , i have lg gt540 phone and when i try to restore it from 2.2.1 to 2.1 with kdz update it stops and in my phone show an error THIS ERROR! [Blue error handler ] arm11 is Crashed!! [Press voluem up key] reboot^savelog [press volum down...
  11. A

    Help trying to upgrade

    downloaded the lg pc suite to upgrade my phone but it wont let me connect to the computer, but it tells me the phone is charging.. none of the options on my phone work.. help?:mad:
  12. D

    Help hi i have a flash problem

    my lg gt 540 phone stoke in download mode and can't open just when i put it one the pc it show for me download mode and whene i open it without the pc noething show please help me
  13. K

    Help Android Market not working on LG GT540

    Can anyone help me? I done the factory reset on my LG GT540 & now i can't get onto my android market, it is force closing. I have tried downloading Rom Toolbox (read this solutio in another forum) but failed to as i can't download anything off Google Play either. Also when i start my phone up a...
  14. C

    Root lg gt540 reflashing

    hi i have a lg gt540 phone that will not boot it reaches the android animation.I am trying to reflash the phone all in vain i am using KDZ_FW_UPD can anyone kindly assist thanks
  15. A

    Jelly Bean Update for GT 540

    Hi Guys. I was wondering, is Mike coming up with a Jelly Bean Update for the Optimus? Guys am looking forward to it. I have now acquired an S3 but I love this phone so much that I do want it updated to Jelly Bean so that I can keep using it.
  16. M

    Help Andriod market wont work

    hi i got an lg gt540.... everytime i turn my phone on it comes up with ( Market app had to force close) when it does that i cant use it all day... how do i get my market to work again?
  17. H

    Root Need Help Couldnt Fix it bymyself

    Phone LG GT 540 * I root my phone with z4root - everything is ok. * i uninstall some system apps ( googletalk + talk service + shazam + sims + something like wiki ) * format sd cart for link2sd and moved some personal apps (not system apps) after restart my phone i get my first error * UIDs...
  18. A

    Root Vol. button spoilt. How do i revert back to stock rom? T.T

    Hi all! I want to revert back to stock but upon entering the recovery page, i realised that i cannot 'scroll down' to the options that i wanted because my volume button weren't working. ;( Is there any way to revert back to stock rom? There's alot of apps crashing in my phone :( Helps...
  19. V

    Root Severe Android Problems

    Hello! I rooted my phone using Z4root couple months ago. I downloaded Link2sd and realized that it could delete default apps. I was curious so I deleted Marketplace for some stupid reason. Now I don't have marketplace. I tried downloading it again, but there was a parse error. I tried factory...
  20. R

    Help Help please

    Can't log in (or create) google account. Error is coming that your phone needs OTA provisioning enabler package. I'm not getting what to do. Please help.
  21. J

    Help Screen problem

    Hi, since a month or 2 I found my LG GT540 again. And it still works and all, but there is just 1 problem. When I use it at the beginning it works perfectly, but after 2 minutes it won't respond on my touches anymore. I've done a soft and a hard reset but nothing seems to work. I hope you guys...
  22. P

    Help bluetooth problem

    I had my lg gt540 upgraded to android 2.3.7. Everything works great except that whenever I make a connection to a bluetooth device (speaker or car phone etc.), the phone starts to have problem. I can still make or receive call from the screen but there is no ringtone and I cannot hear the other...
  23. S

    Root Should I root/flash my GT540?

    Hi. I bought a Gt540 from this GSM phone site without a wireless subscription. I've been using it for a while and the phone performance is just way too slow. Would rooting or flashing the phone help that matter? Besides the lag, the phone works fine. I have all the apps I want, I can call...
  24. Kotori-kun

    Help - Phone won't hard or factory reset, please help!

    Hey guys, so I'm having a lot of problems with my LG right now =/ So I wanted to factory reset.. but it doesn't work - When I choose to Factory Reset the phone never completely reboots, I don't even think it shuts off, it just stays on a blank screen. I've tried it a few times and waiting as...
  25. Kotori-kun

    Root Phone won't go into Recovery, please help?

    Hello guys! Can someone please help me? For some reason, my phone won't reboot into recovery mode.. My GT540 has Android 2.3.3 and CM7, I upgraded to that like two years ago though so I'm not sure if I'm missing anything lol. Thank you so much in advanced Side note: The main reason I'm...