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Root Can't get my phone to root

ok first of all, cwm doesnt root, it requires the phone to already be rooted if im not mistaken
...youd think i would know considering i wrote it, but anyway
you are running windows im assuming?
and you made sure to go into the settings and turn on usb debugging and all that stuff?
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and in order to check and see if the phone is correctly connected to adb, you can go to the command prompt and run

adb devices

to see if its listed, if you dont see anything on the list then its not connected to adb properly, it may be connected to the computer as a mtd or whatever but that doesnt mean it will work with adb
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its ok, command prompt is in the start menu
all programs
command prompt

and make sure to right click and hit "run as administrator" if youre on win 7

to continue from here tho we need to know where you installed adb to

but before we go through all this crap, did you download the drivers from the zte website? and enable usb debugging in the settings menu on the phone?
newest official zte drivers found here
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probably not, doesnt need it tho. the rooting package includes adb. the problem is most likely the pdanet drivers or that the phone is not in usb debugging mode
did you turn on usb debugging in the phones settings? if not that is why it wont work
and also, pdanet may or may not work with adb, but it WONT work with fastboot, which is used in the install of cwm, get the zte drivers
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no, you have to use cwm to install roms, they will normally be in zip form and you will put them onto your sdcard and choose the install update zip from sd card option

to tell if the root installer worked though, you can go into your programs list and see if you have the superuser app installed, might be called SU, but its a black box with a picture of the green android guy, if that is there you are rooted

to check and see if clockworkmod is installed you can just turn your phone off, hold the volume down button, and then press and hold the power button, then dont let go untill the black screen with nothing but the android guy on it goes away, and the recovery screen pops up, it should say clockworkmod at the top and bottom and have a picture of a gear with a hat on
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Alright I found this at radio Shack for 99 dollars so I had to get it plus my of warp headphone port got fried some how so.... But I have a general understanding of rooting I rooted the first warp so with that said could someone answer a few of my questions... To root the sequence I need the runmebat that's in another thread on cool now from here would I need to set up adb or just plug in the phone and put on usb debugging? I want to get this rooted tonight because I see shin is getting ready to release his rom
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