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Help Can't remove empty photo album in gallery


Dec 28, 2012

I am confused about a photo album showing in the gallery. As far as I can tell there are no photos in the gallery. There is only a single album named after my home computer network name! I don't know how it got there and I can't seem to get rid of it. Anyone know what might be happening?

Thanks for any help.

Every now and then when I flash a new ROM I forget to turn off the contact pictures sync and it syncs my pictures from my google plus account which I dont want.

To get rid of albums that contains pictures not saved on your sd or internal storage, just go to settings/apps swipe right to ALL and find gallery. Click on wipe data. This will delete all folders that DONT contain pictures from your SD card. Basically reverts the gallery back to stock. Your pictures will still be there if they are on the SD or internal.
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when you not in range it should go away

You're right! I noticed today when I was in town, it was gone. Now that I'm home, it's back. At home, I am connected through the wireless router since I don't get good cell connection here. So, I guess, it's showing my desktop computer, also connected to the same router. But why does it show as a gallery album? I don't understand this. Could I somehow have images on my desktop show up in my cell phone gallery? I assume so, but where would I have to put them on my computer hard drive (windows 7) to see them appear in the gallery on my phone? Also, there are two other computers on the same network. Why don't I see them in my gallery as albums? Maybe I need to read the phone manual. :)

Thanks for the answer.

Click on wipe data

Do you mean "Clear data?" I don't see anything about wipe.
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