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Help Can't remove photo from Music Player - help!

I have a less than desirable photo in my phone (no, not porn..) that Music Player attaches to many of my music files while playing. I deleted every instance of the particular photo that I could find, and it's still in my phone somewhere that is hidden or that I otherwise can't access. Is there a way, without rooting, I can delete the photo, or at least choose an option so Music Player will no longer display the photo? Thanks for any help.
Ok, the Cover Art Downloader removed the offending photo (yay!) I was able to get the correct covert art for a handful of my music files. However...

...some of the cover art that got downloaded and assigned showed up on multiple unrelated music files, just as the one that I'd wanted removed found it's way to so many files. It's at least a curiosity, and maybe a bug with the Music Player app.

No mistake though, I'm very happy that the pic in question is gone!
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