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Car Charger?

Most (especially Smart) Phones use Li-Ion batteries that are drained at 3.7v.

This means that virtually any Mini-USB charger which charges at 4-5V is perfect. Some will be for a Blackberry or a HTC Hero, or whatever other Mini-USB device that uses a li-ion battery, but it will work JUST FINE with the Eris. I even use the car charger I got from a wireless Bluetooth headset that is Mini-USB. Works perfectly.
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Yeah, I share the charger for my TomTom just fine

Again - any charger with a MiniUSB output should work just fine. There is a standard manufacturers are required to meet when using any USB format, meaning they should all put out the same voltage

Notice, though, the word "should" throughout my statement. As we all know, some folks (including manufacturers) believe rules are for everyone but them. Use caution going too cheap or off the beaten path
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