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Car Dock and Portrait mode?


Feb 10, 2010
Is anyone with the OEM car dock and the Bionic able to get the phone OUT of landscape mode? Once I mount the phone in the car dock it won't auto-rotate to portrait mode. I've never had that issue with my previous D1 or DX phones and auto docks...
I found a workaround for allowing portrait mode while in the car dock.

  1. Connect the charger to the dock, but do not connect the charger to a power source
  2. Insert the phone in the dock (dock mode will not be triggered)
  3. Connect the charger to a power source (the phone will charge, but dock mode still won't be triggered)

Of course this means you won't get the dock app either, but it works for me.

Notes: I'm using a Motorola car charger. Your results may vary.
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[*]Insert the phone in the dock (dock mode will not be triggered)

This may explain something I was having trouble with today. Just to clarify: If the phone is not plugged in to charge, dock mode will NOT appear? Is that correct?

My dock was working fine the other day, not today - I had it unplugged since it was already charged, this would explain why I had no dock mode.

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I find the car dock mode unusable. Locked into portrait is a problem but the biggest one is that you can't get to any of your home screens if you are using the navigation. The home button only brings you to the dock home. And the back button will force you to cancel your navigation. I'll have to see if there is an app to prevent the car dock mode altogether. I know there was one for my OG droid but it still seemed to slow things down a bit.
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It's extremely frustrating that I can't get the phone back into portrait mode.

I've seen other posts that complained that their Droid2's would switch between orientations when the car hit a bump, but I've never had that problem while just propping up my Bionic in a cup holder. Now that I've spent north of $50 for the car holder, I regret it.

I found the Preferences menu and was hoping to find an orientation setting. Something like, "Portrait Only, Landscape Only, or Automatic". That would redeem this feature.
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Yes, hitting the back arrow can get you to the home screen, but if you were using google maps for navigation or directions, the back arrow first backs you out of this so you lose your navigation.

There should be a way to prevent the car dock mode altogether. If it is from a magnet maybe I'll just find it and dremel it out!

I'll also look in the root area.
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Just to clarify: If the phone is not plugged in to charge, dock mode will NOT appear?

Not true. (Or, actually, not always true.)

My phone/dock is never plugged in to charge when in the dock. Never, never, never. (The location of the outlet and the location of my dock prevent this.) Yet the phone still goes into dock mode when I put it in the dock.

My slight waffling on this point is because it doesn't ALWAYS go into dock mode. Often, I have to pick the phone up and reseat it in there, sometimes three or four times, before I'll do whatever magic thing has to be done to trigger car mode. But plugging in the charger has nothing to do with it.
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@ Telstar... get the car dock home v3 app. It still is landscape only because
the dock is designed to only be in landscape mode. I called verizon to ask about it. I also prefer the nav in portrait mode. The person I spoke with said they would file a request report and that I wasnt the first person to call and complain about it. She said if enough people complain about it they may correct the problem in a later update
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Im using car dock home V3 from the market.
It still has the orientation mode problem when its in the dock but it has several home screens and you can drop just about any app onto one of the screens. The look/style/layout of the screens is very customizable. Much better than the standard dock screens that come with the dock
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