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Carrier Identification......I think

Build Prop Eitor app..scroll to "RO cmda" & change what it displays and save/re-boot

Thanks! That worked great. I had tried a view carrier change apps and none worked. I have edited my build prop for 3g enhancement before and followed your advice to change the carrier = success!

Now I have successfully debranded my VM phone. No more VM boot animation and changed carrier to Sprint. lol. I also put a small carbon fiber sticker over the boost logo on my elite. The reason I did this was people making fun that I had a Virgin Mobile phone. Now they can't tell. :)
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The carrier's name, as it is displayed in About Phone in System Settings, and on the Notifications panel, can be altered in build.prop. For example, for a time in Sleipnir's earlier RCs in place of the carrier it would say "Sleipnir." Changing what carrier network you are on is a different, and a legal gray area, story. However, concerning the current wifi network, and whether or not that may be displayed in place of your carrier name - basically anything in Android is possible.

If you're not having any luck with us here on Phandroid, try XDA-Developers or a Google search to see if its been done before. If it has, most likely it's done through an init.d script, which Sleipnir has kernel-level support for if you're running it. Not sure of other ROMs off of the top of my head (it's 2:34am, can't sleep), but init.d was something I finally finished kernel-level support for with regard to Sleipnir.
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