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lg optimus elite

  1. L

    Help Virgin Mobile LG optimus elite BYOD to ringplus error 67

    I finally registered my old virgin mobile optimus elite (vm696) on ringplus today. Ringplus's website has been giving me errors for my previous requests. Currently phone and text are working but I am getting error 67 and no mobile data. I did the manual provision starting with dialing ##VIRGIN#...
  2. B

    Help Lg Optimus Elite wont boot...

    Okay so I come seeking wisdom. My grandma has an old Lg optimus Elite that suddenly wont power on anymore, I was hoping it was as simple as a bad battery but seems not. Was just doing the boot loop but now wont even get that far. Just wondering how I can retrieve pictures off this device, sadly...
  3. D

    Help No Low Battery Warning & USB Not Syncing With Computer

    Okay, this all started today and I have no answer for this. I went to transfer some files to my phone from my computer. When I plugged the USB cable in, it would only charge the phone, but wouldn't recognize it as a device. I checked it's status and it said driver's weren't installed, even...
  4. lvdave

    Help 3rd ones a charm....

    I'm at my wits end..My wife likes the LG Optimus Elite phone model, and this is her THIRD one.. She just brought her phone to me now exhibiting the EXACT SAME failure that her previous two identical Sprint LG Optimus Elites experienced.. Now let me explain.. These are stock Elites, bought from...
  5. Z

    Root Elite as media device

    I pulled my elite from my drawer and brought it back to life thanks to the people who contribute to this phone. I flashed harmonia ROM plus GP kernel and gingerIce( Honestly I forgot if I even did this right ) I uninstalled most of the apps since I will only be using this phone to play music. I...
  6. Aelvir

    Help USB Connection won't show up and songs missing

    I just turned my phone off then on again since the sd-card was stuck on 'preparing... 85%' and when it finished preparing...AGAIN (after re-turning it on), All my songs are gone, it only says "Unkown artist" and they are all my ringtones. IT also says SmartVoiceRecorder is not installed on my...
  7. update

    Root Google wallet

    Does this phone still ask for super user permissions. If so why hasn't it been patched. At anytime you're credit cards could glitch up thats why I got rid of this phone.
  8. TraverseImpress

    Root i think we're alone now

    Is anyone still here? Is the elite finally 'dead' ?
  9. J

    Root CM9 Dialer APK File?

    Hi everybody, As my Elite has been repurposed into a media player, a froze some unnecessary applications through Titanium Backup. As it turns out, the dialer can not be frozen, so freezing it has crashed the phone. This was a poorly thought out decision on my part. In any case, does anybody have...
  10. C

    Help Download in Progress glitch

    I, too, seem to have fallen victim to this ridiculous scam that is the "Download in progress, do not disconnect cable" error message. I am not a tech savvy person at all, and have honestly never even heard of rooting until today. I had my phone in my sweatshirt pocket like usual, and pulled it...
  11. A

    Help Stuck on "Download in progress, do not disconnect cable."

    I have not rooted my phone, nor have I downloaded ROM manager or any sort of third-party program or application or what have you on it. My phone died in the middle of it... doing as said in the title, but I wasn't aware of it at the time. However, my phone's charge jack is dead but I have a...
  12. H

    LG Optimus Elite Ringtone

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone out there who has the LG Optimus Elite could they please upload the ringtone "Hackers" please as a download. Thanks for anybody who can oblige.
  13. J

    Root Frozen Dialer App

    In a temporary absence of foresight, I froze the dialer application, as the device is a dedicated media player and I don't need intend to make phone calls on it. Upon reboot, I realize that was a bad idea, as I receive a Phone error, and am unable to access the launcher or applications. Can the...
  14. F

    Root Wifi to computer but now smartphones...why?

    I have a rooted Virgin Mobile Optimus Elite phone. I have a tethering app when activated, my computer pics up the (wireless) WiFi hotspot, but none of my smartphones pick up the open source. Why is this, and how can I correct this problem?
  15. jose0V

    Root A Thread for LG Realm

    Well since the elite was a good phone to costomize and switch roms from 4.1 to 4.2 and 4.4, i decided to move on from the Elite and bought an LG Realm, and since idk where to look for this kinds of info like how to root and add cwm recovery, im posting here hopefully someone will help a fellow...
  16. A

    Help Media player only rom for Elite

    Hi everyone, I've upgraded to an S3 but I'd like to know if there is a rom available for the Elite that would turn it into a dedicated media device. I'm looking for something that only connects through wifi, has no 3g or cell radio function, and has the play store available. Or better yet...
  17. F

    Help Activating phone after Flashing CM9?

    I have my old Elite laying around and I wanted to put it to use as a hotspot. Some other threads I've read say once you flash a new ROM you cannot activate the phone(Virgin Mobile). Others say you can log into to their site and set up the phone that way. I just didn't want to pay 80$ for a...
  18. T

    Root VM Elite to Sprint?

    Okay, so I activated a VM Elite on RingPlus. RingPlus usually just takes Sprint phones, but my numbers went through for some reason. Everything works EXCEPT data. Upon googling, I find that VM phones will work with RingPlus but data will not. Is it possible to change my VM Elite to a Sprint...
  19. J

    Root Is AOKP 4.2.2 the fastest,stablest Andriod 4 rom for O.E

    Alot of people say that 4.2.2 is the best right now. I am using 4.4 but hoping i could squeeze so more performance and battery life out of this phone. Should I downgrade to 4.2.2?
  20. R

    Calendar issue

    Here lately at times, the calendar doesn't seem to be synching correctly. Meaning it will only show me what I want to see which is from today's date on (since I have deleted the past items) but now it's showing me EVERYTHING that has ever been on the calendar even though I've deleted it. Does...
  21. Z

    Root Cyanogenmod 7, Will we ever get it?

    Okay so I really want this and I'm sure many do as well! Now I love these awesome new roms but I think the elites max update would be ICS or Jellybean4.1.2 But that's just me... I wonder if phenom will be able to retry it. Need some energy I'll donate a couple so you buy yourself some energy...
  22. Z

    Root [REQ]Tagged 1.0.5

    Anyone still have this Rom? I've heard its really good and looked at the description and it sounds promising. Thanks
  23. J

    Root A shell script is on my emmc is it doing anyting?

    This shell script I don't think I ever got to putting it in the right place it is currently on my emmc. Is it working/doing what it is suppose to?
  24. V

    Root Would like to donate my Elite

    I switched to a newer phone, and my first android was the Elite, which brought me to this forum, being the first android forum I joined. I want to give back and donate an Elite to whoever wants it. Let me know here if you want it. It's running Ken's old SlimBean with TWRP on it. It's been a...
  25. Z

    Root Best/stabel miui ROM?

    What's the most stable miui ROM? Emiui has more features of miui and the newer miui doesn't but its newer lol. Just want to know which one is the best because I am a hardcore miui fan! And currently most of my devices run miui4-5 I want my elite to run it to ;)