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Help CAT S60 Camera doesn't work after reassembly


Nov 27, 2020
Hi everyone.
I assembled my CAT S60 after having changed its LCD Touchscreen.
It was working perfect. I took some pictures just to test it and it was working great.
The trouble came in when I tried to make a videocall and the selfie camera was all black. After that videocall I can't enter the camera app.
It's strange but the only way to take a photo or video is by doing it from a WhatsApp chat with the main camera. Trying to switch it to the selfie camera will make it crash.
I dissambled and tried to reconect the selfie camera twice.
Do you have any advice?
Sorry for my bad English
Thanks in advance

yes get a new phone.......i would never trust myself with dyi fixing anything electronic like that. most here are not that proficient in electronics.

the only thing i can think of is doing a factory reset to determine if this is software or hardware related. if the reset does not work, then you did something wrong when you changed the screen.
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