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Root [CDMA] Blind wifi Evo 3D


Apr 29, 2011
I`m with some problems to connect to a wifi connection that I created with Ubuntu as a hotspot, my old zte racer can see the wifi and successfully conected, but my new EVO 3D can`t see the this network, i configured in the advanced mode to have more perfomance with wifi, but nothing... Anyone knows how to make the evo 3d able to see more wifi networks
I forgot to copy the link :p


And it does seem reasonable that ad hoc support comes in later Android versions. Although I did some hunting and found some options for rooted Evo 3Ds. Unfortunately, the modification does require root, so if it's important enough to root for, I found this post:

[ROM] Apr-11 MeanROM v3.8 | 2.17.651.5 | OC/UV | Beats | 50+ hr bat | 4000+ Quadrants - Page 254 - xda-developers
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