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htc evo 3d

  1. O

    Root EVO 3D problems! Need identifier token — can't figure it out!

    Hi, so I'm on an epic quest to simply get a better camera app on the EVO 3D. It's not my actual phone, I just wanted to teach stereoscopic photography to some high schoolers. But I don't like the stock camera app — photos are blurry and the shutter takes too long — so I thought I'd try the...
  2. EximniusNovo

    Help Need help to unlock my bootloader

    Okay so I have the SDK, JRE and all other tool available. Fastboot and adb commands work when the device is on and unlocked, but when I tell it to reboot to the bootloader, Windows 10 claims that it cannot identify the device and as such the "fastboot oem get_identifier_token" command from...
  3. Raxsymelich

    Root Have a strange issue with my Evo 3D CDMA/Sprint

    I used the Evo 3D for a couple of years, then got a Note 3. The Evo 3D sat in a box for the past 3 years. It still works fine, but.... I'm trying to reprovision it so that I can test out one of the Sprint MVNOs that offers free/cheap service. Normally all you need to do is a carrier release...
  4. HasH_BrowN

    MAC address cloned after Virgin update. How to correct?

    I have a Virgin mobile and wife has a Data Done Right, both LGLS660 Tributes. She and I received the ZV6 updates for our devices. I declined because I'm running deodexed rom, because of the incompatibilities. She updated. Soon after there were network issues with WiFi. After countless hours of...
  5. androidNoob0xFF

    Root [GSM] EVO3D - Bootloop

    Hi. Quickly on my phones h-boot etc: shooter u pvt ship s-on rl hboot_1.53.0007 radio-11.25.3504.06m open dsp-v2.6.0.2226.00.0202 emmc boot may22 2012,01:06:07 Yesterday, midday (UK) my phone just died with around 20% battery. I thought it was a bit odd, but then, my phone started back up...
  6. Alixxx123

    Root [EVO 3D CDMA - Help Thread] S-Off Wire Trick Brick (QHSUSB_DLOAD)

    This thread is created to help some people out with the so called "brick" issue when trying to perform the wire trick using ControlBear. I will explain my methods on how I fixed this and encourage anyone else to add input on possible solutions. The more we know, the greater the solution. By...
  7. J

    Root ZR3D ROM Behavior with Headphones Plugged In

    Hi All, I'm running the ZR3D ROM and I love it but I get really funky behavior when I plug in headphones (or a portable speaker that I have). When I plug something in, one of two things happen: 1) My phone exits whatever music app I'm using (tested with quite a few) and proceeds to dial the...
  8. R4WK1LL

    Root [GSM] Missing Baseband

    Hi guys, currently my phone is stuck on boot loop (after HTC logo, it'll keep restarting without going into boot animation), but I can flashing stuff without any issue (with unlocked bootloader, S-OFF and Super CID). I've tried some things: flashed some RUUs, installed custom recovery (CWM /...
  9. A

    Root [GSM] I realy need help with Evo 3d rom

    Hello I Really need help with The official rom for Evo 3d RUU_SHOOTER_U_ICS_35_S_HTC_ARA_3.28.415.2 it's in this site...
  10. J

    Root [CDMA] Hangouts Dialer Crash

    Hey guys, I've been trying to fix a problem with Google Hangouts on my EVO 3D, where every time I attempt to make or take a received call from Hangouts using the Hangouts Dialer, I get the message "Unfortunately, Hangouts has stopped." As far as I understand, it works on some ROMs, but not on...
  11. LyleVertigo

    Root [CDMA] Unable to Install SuperUser.

    Hello, I've been trying for days to root my HTC EVO 3D. I successfully unlocked it and flashed a custom recovery (4EXT R7). However, when I try to flash SuperUser 3.1.3 I get the Aborted error. I've downloaded the SU zip from all sources I can find and all end up with the same error...
  12. D

    Root [CDMA] HTCDev bootloader has no effect

    Ok, here's my phone info: HTC EVO 3D (Sprint) Model:PG86100 Image version: 2.95.651.6 *** LOCKED *** SHOOTER XC SHIP S-ON RL HBOOT-1.58.0000 eMMC-boot May 17 2012,15:06:44 The story: I decided I wanted to try my hand at rooting this phone, so naturally I followed the...
  13. D

    Root [GSM] HTCDev bootloader has no effect

  14. B

    Root [GSM] Stuck in bootloop, no recovery working.

    Hello. This is my first post on this forum and i appreciate every piece of advice! I`m an GSM Evo 3d owner.A few months ago, I unlocked the bootloader, installed a custom recovery and flashed a custom rom, everything was fine, i had no problem at all. Suddenly, it started to behave strange. A...
  15. P

    Root [CDMA] Trying to unlock

    I'm hoping this forum is the correct one for getting help trying to unlock my HTC Evo 3D (Virgin Mobile). Here are my issues: Currently, I have an Iphone 3 (AT&T). It is too old so I basically get no service at my house and I literally cannot download any apps (IOS is too old). AT&T told me to...
  16. Jcfunk

    Root [CDMA] [Recovery] unoffical TWRP for shooter

    This is unoffical TWRP for shooter, Selinux is WORKING. F2FS is supported. My 3rd attempt, so please test and tell how it goes Issues: Aroma installer 2.57 and older not working. Aroma-2.70RC2 is working Sent from my DOWNGRADED EVO 3D, remember all development is done on my phone...
  17. M

    Root [CDMA] Unlocking boatloader correctly pls help b4 I kill my phone

    I know I'm in wrong place guys sry but uh I'm trying to unlock my boatloader on my evo 3d sprint cdma and well I'm gonna register HTC dev well I did allready anyways I have to upgrade hboot ok but do I upgrade with my laptop instead of phone or will I ruin laptop at what point do I use USB cord...
  18. M

    Root [GSM] Need rooting (flash) help

    I accidentally format all partitions of my htc evo 3d and I wanted to flash but as soon as the process begins, ca puts me failed to start system buil prop What can I do? please help me!
  19. Brian706

    Root [CDMA] Time to root is now can someone please help

    A good place to start is HERE. Specific questions?? Let us know.
  20. P

    Root [CDMA] How Do I Root MY Evo 3D :'( PLEASE HELP

    I have Sprint CDMA Evo 3D NOT ROOTED SHOOTER XC SHIP S-ON RL HBOOT-1.58.0000 eMMC-boot Software Version: 2.95.651.6 710RD I have been stressing for hours trying to figure this out! I tried following a tutorial to root the phone and I get stuck trying to unlock the bootloader following htcdev...
  21. S

    Root [CDMA] Have a question

    I don't know if I'm in the right spot for this but I was playing around and want to edit a save game file but when I try to open it, it gives me weird symbols. Any ideas? Plz n thank you
  22. K

    Root [CDMA] /data/radio

    What is the file in here, kernelinfo.txt ? I'm tracking down oversized files in /data and this is one of them, at 247mb. Should it be this big?
  23. S

    Root [CDMA] Tried to root my HTC Evo 3d

    Hi I looked around and tried a few different things suggested, but I cant get it to work. I'll tell the story. I tried to root my phone, obviously, and got all the way to the end and (following a tutorial) went to put MeanRom on. Everything went as the tutorial said it would so I thought I did...
  24. K

    Root [CDMA] Can't Install Superuser?

    I'm sitting down getting ready to root, and I thought to try the old temp root method to back some things up first. The script seems to work until it gets to installing superuser.apk where it throws and insufficient storage error. So I got curious and tried installing from the market. Same...
  25. A

    Help EVO 3D Screen Frozen and Won't Turn Off

    I was texting earlier today and while doing so my phone froze. There have been times before where this has happened (freezes for a few seconds when accidentally highlighting something), but not to this extent. Screen is frozen and trying to reboot the phone by holding down the power button for...