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Root [CDMA] Rooted, But questions on what to do first

So i rooted my GSM evo 3d just now. It was all good. And i have CWM and Superuser installed.

Now, I dont know what to do next.

I guess i want to make a Backup of my phone stock so that if anything should happen i can get it back to normal.

I also want to get rid of CWM and use TWRP. So where do i go from here. Should i install TWRP and make a backup with that. Or make a backup with CWM then install TWRP and make a backup like that too?

How do I get rid of CWM and install TWRP.

Sorry i have so many questions and i want to get right down to other things but i dont want to mod my phone until i have a stock backup...

EDIT: Oh and should i leave USB debugging checked, and fastboot unchecked?

Oh and i heard that the Tell HTC thing in the about phone section of the settings menu is supposed to go away. Mine did not is that a problem.
Do a complete backup in CWM then flash TWRP if that's what you want to use, then do a complete backup in TWRP because you won't be able to use the one you did in CWM. If they take up too much room on your sd card them archive them on your computer.

By doing a backup in both recoveries you're covered no matter what happens down the road. I did the same thing when I got root access on mine.

There are a few threads that discuss how to flash twrp so I won't repost all of it. Either search for it on this forum or on XDA and there are quite a few walk throughs.
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I will say that if you are happy with CWM then leave it on there and don't sweat it. I am also under the impression that if you rooted using the HTC method then you should keep the recovery version it came with(4015) and don't update. I don't know if I was a weird incident or what but when I updated away from the original recovery, I "broke" the recovery some how and had to reflash it...and it wasn't that fun for somebody that is not very computer savvy. Anyway, again if you are happy with CWM then leave it...if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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Okay, i think ill stick with CWM for a little while atleast, cause ive read and been told of a few problems when flashing TWRP atleast on the GSM version of the 3VO.

So ill shoot all my questions and number them, (For the record i do try to do a search before i ask tons of stupid question, but it becomes very hard on this forum when threads for like the droid X come up when im searching.)

1. Made a CWM backup, and put a copy in two safe places, can i delete it off my SD card? Cause its pretty big and i only have an 8gb sd card.

2. Anyone with a GSM 3VO feel free to recommend ROMS as i dont even know what to expect, and i dont want to load some ROM thats really early in the build.

3. Kinda confused as to where Kernals fit into the picture i know we dont have the source yet for the GSM evo 3d but what exactly are the kernals and what do they do.

4. There was a good thread about all the bloat that can be removed from the phone, and i cant for the life of me find it, can anyone point me in the right direction. (I am not on my own computer at the moment). EDIT NVM I FOUND THE THREAD.

5. For anyone with the rogers 3vo have you guys removed all the rogers apps? like urmusic and crap like that? Any problems encountered?
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Okay, so my last attempt to get some answers. I simply went with trial and error and using the evo 4g list to remove apps. went pretty well actually.

Got rid of all the rogers crap, only thing i kept was the myaccount app as its actually useful.

Got rid of the Rosie.apk and am now using Golauncher.

Now, out of curiousity, there are a few things ive been wondering about doing.

Would it be in anyway better to uninstall some of the factory apps like soundhound then reinstall them from the market place? Same goes with google maps, uninstall all the updates then take delete the .apk file through adb. then install from market.

This would then make the apps removable without any root explorer or adb would it not.

Just wondering if anyone has gone through the trouble of this, and any pros or cons.
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Okay so thats basically the pros and cons i got myself... I think i will go ahead and do it anyways. Trying to clear out the phone for a barebones experience then add things that i need.

Now i have a new problem. didnt notice this straight away. but when i got rid of the rosie.apk i lost the ability to use the personalize function in the settings.

Now normally not a big deal since i can do a lot of that stuff from elsewhere throughout the phone; however, the one thing i cant do now is adjust the icons on the lockscreen. (I am still using the sense lockscreen).

My question is this, can i somehow change them without getting into the personalize tab. and if not, how do i get the personalize tab to work again.

Big bonus to anyone who finds a way to do it without loading the rosie.apk back onto the phone...
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Why not just drop rosie on the phone, adjust the lockscreen then remove it again?

Thanks but that would become a big pain should something happen, i figure im just going to buy widgetlocker and be done with it...

At least then i have some customization i can do and stuff...

New issues, i use the stock HTC mail app as opposed to Gmail. and im also using the Go launcher app with their own notifications app.

Now i can get phone and text notifications just fine, but i dont get E-mail notifications as i cant get a check box to appear so i can select it within the Go-launcher app.
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