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Cell site erected on outside edge of Ursa, Il village- my home is in the fall zone in the village

I am new to this forum and need some help from everyone...
I just copied some info I have and posted here...
There is a 5G cellular tower constructed adjacent to my property in village of Ursa, Il.
I live on the edge of the village and the tower is technically outside the village limits.
There are no current ordinances in Adams Co. Il concerning this issue (they have never seen this).
The tower is 125' and the base of the tower is 107' from my home-
This makes my home in the fall zone of the cell tower.
The tower being a single pole makes it not a type of structure that will fall on itself during a collapse since there are no guy wires helping stabilize the structure or the fall if it happens.
My home is not eligible for some types of FHA loans
Who would want this property if I ever sell it with a structure so close?
My property is obviously worth less now; the assessor said they can’t compare this problem to anything because they have never had this issue. They have lowered my tax multiplier so saving some on my taxes; would be more if they had something to compare this to and see the outcome. Some sites say that my home could be worth 20% less with this behind my home.
RF radiation from close proximity to transmitter- possible health effects (nothing proven yet and few studies related to long term 5G because it is new).
Constant noise from site fans and wind blowing through the site.
I was not notified of any construction until a neighbor told me why they were prepping the land.
During construction, the tower construction company trespassed on property multiple times and caused damage to property (my culvert was the only access to my property for 1/4 mile).

The cellular company (per my requests to get me to settle down) added some trees, started mowing the site, added bird diverters (started noticing buzzards on top), and agreed to repair the culvert that was running uphill (but didn't do that- will need completely torn out and reworked. Water standing uphill from the culvert.
Since this was done, they have sent me a letter saying they have met my requests and they did everything legally.

Additional info/questions
site was installed where the field naturally drains- water runs over the site.
The home next to me was for sale- a family didn't move in because of the close proximity to the site.
Was I supposed to receive a certified letter before this happened?
Who is liable if the tower falls or an object falls off it and damages my property?
Lightning, ice, etc if causes damage or is a safety hazard- who’s liable if someone is hurt?

Any questions or suggestions would be appreciated. I know this is hurting me financially/ mentally and know I was not given notice for this structure.
Just the thought of the landowner and other parties involved really upsets me and no thought of who is affected by this.

Any help would be appreciated.



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About the only thing I can think of is, if Adams County hasn't ever dealt with this before, tell them to contact the bigger counties like Cook, Dupage, Lake county and find out what regulations they have. They might even know about State regulations.

Plus there must be some federal regulations that the FCC would know about.
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I am new to this forum and need some help from everyone...
I just copied some info I have and posted here...
There is a 5G cellular tower constructed adjacent to my property in village of Ursa, Il.

Welcome to our site, Clinton! I can't address your concerns but I can welcome you. Enjoy the site! We have off topic fun and a forum games section as well. Take a look around! You'll find that our site is very well-moderated! We sniff out Spammers in a millisecond and ban them permanently, so you can feel safe here! Again, Welcome!

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