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Cellular South Hero 2.0 Update?


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Nov 30, 2009
Since we don't have a specific forum for the Cellular South HTC Hero, I'm asking here. Has anyone heard a peep from Cellular South about the 2.0+ update? HTC and Sprint have both been slipping some tweets out just to let people know they won't have to wait forever.

The Cellular South version looks just like the Sprint version. I think the hardware is identical. I know that HTC has to update SenseUI before it goes on to Sprint, and Sprint apparently has a lot of their junk installed on the phone. Cellular South seems to have less junk... more stock HTC stuff, and just a customer support text app that seems to be Cellular South specific. But I haven't heard anything about them releasing the update specifically, and the people in local stores I've spoken to are morons.
I texted the Discover Center from my Cell South Hero with this very question last week, and a lady texted me back and said and i quote: "We have been told that the update should be released by the end of June." That being said, i doubt this means much for Sprint customers, as i expect Sprint to roll out the update sooner because it is a much larger company.
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