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Root Center of screen unresponsive

Okay, I'm getting frustrated here. I just got my Inc replaced again recently. The one I got the other day had a terrible speaker and it sounded like people were talking through aluminum foil. So they sent me a new one and with this one, the center of the screen randomly stops responding. Although, a reboot seems to kinda fix it...at least temporarily.

I've rooted this device because I thought it was good to go. Guess not. I'm currently running Cyanogenmod 7.1.0 but I was running 7.2.0 RC1 first. I downgraded thinking it might be a mod issue.

But since this is happening with both mods, then it sounds like my phone. Am I correct in this assumption? Do I need to call verizon back yet again because they sent me a defective phone?

I'm thinking about un-rooting and checking to see if it's still happening, but don't feel like going through that hassle yet again. Unless I'm sure that I'm going to have to anyway because it needs to go back.
Yeah, I figured as much. I hated to do it again, but I un-rooted and was still having the same problem. Called verizon and they are sending me my 3rd inc in a week. Sigh...

The company Verizon uses for the "clean and screen" process isn't that great. But on the other hand I've never heard of a cell phone company having a 100% reliable refurbished product.
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