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Certain Contacts not receiving my SMS Messages

Hello, I recently began having issues with my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5g. Certain contacts in my phone aren't receiving SMS messages from me. On my end, the SMS sends but they never recieve it. I can still call and send MMS messages to those same contacts and they can still call, text, and send picture messages to me. This all began happening about 2 weeks after I switched over from Cricket to Xfinity Mobile. The affected contacts are all on a variety of carriers and also have a variety of IPhone and Android phones

What I've tried as far as Troubleshooting with no success:
Factory Data Reset
Mobile Network Reset
Forcestop of Both Contacts/Message App
Clearing Cache and Data for Message/Contact app
Made sure they weren't on Block list
Deleting Text Thread and Contact and starting over
Replacing the SIM card with a new one
Called Xfinity Mobile and had them do a reset of my service.

I'm an absolutely stumped by this issue and hope someone can help me out!
Just install a different messaging app from the play store and see if that works.
Textra is a great app and there's many more.
Sometimes the default messaging app is not the best

I did try that, with multiple texting apps and it did not succeed. Like I said, this issue is a real baffler and the Xfinity Reps in store and on the phone were stumped by it. My guess, it's a glitch in one of the many updates my phone has performed or a glitch in the porting process from when I switched over. I've read other threads where people said they went through 10+ representatives trying to resolve this issue.
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