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Root chainfire3d

yes it works well. I havent gone crazy trying a zillion tegra games but it has worked flawlessly on the ones I have used (Riptide, GOF2 THD, Guerrilla Bob THD) and yes the market fix works to (Tegra games/apps show where they wouldn't before). I also have the samsung plug in but have not tried it. I have the paid version. The free version you have to open chainfire and turn on the plug in before playing the tegra game then turn it off when your done. Paid version you just set the apps you want to use the plug in with and it turns on automatically when you open the app. Its a must have if your into games and definitely what I'd call a top 10 app just for the fact it makes games/apps universal (not that it works all the time) like they should be.
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