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Help Change Knox Guard State


I need to change the KG state of my Samsung Galaxy S22+ (Snapdragon, from US) which is currently in active state. I need the KG STATUS to be in CHECKING", "BROKEN", "COMPLETED" or disappeared so I can install a proprietary custom FW (the device and the custom FW are for professional testing purposes).

To unlock the bootloader I requested Samsung a token (which they gave me) and after flashing the token into the device the bootloader was unlocked (at least I get that warning messaging over a dark background stating this every time the device starts up). But, to be able to install the custom FW I need to change the KG status which by some reason is always active. I didn't have this problem with the Exynos model but this snapdragon model is killing me.

Does anyone knows how to do this?

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lol.....the op already has a post there:

so a "custom FW" means a custom firmware, correct? which basically means you have a custom rom installed, yes? if so, do you have a custom recovery as well?

Its actually a stock firmware which is basically an intermediary FW to prepare the device to be flashed to the final FW of this provider. However, to flash the device to the final FW, I need to get rid of this Knox Guard in Active state. Not sure how to do it. I tried somethings I saw online like changing the date to avoid the 7 days lock in period but got no luck.
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