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Help change language in browser


Nov 30, 2010
By mistake i have changed the language of default browser in captivate.

i would like to revert back to English. please advice what to do. i went to settings and it says its in Latin.

Anybody aware of the steps? The sign in and sign out are written as 'Definicoes and Sair resp. Anybody know which language is this? How to go back to English.

This is particular to appbrain website only. others are in english only.

Thank you
"Definicoes and Sair resp" is Portuguese.
Use Google Translate: Google Translate

This might revert language settings to stock, I'm not totally sure since I've never screwed that up.
Menu Key -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> "All" Tab -> Find your browser app, I'm on 2.2.1 so my default web browser is called "Internet" -> Click on "Internet", hit the "Clear data" button.

That should revert the browser settings back to default.


You can use Google Translate and translate the menus into English, walk through the necessary menus, and change your language setting back.
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