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Root Change Lockscreen


Nov 29, 2009
I've seen screen shots with Eris's with the droid lock screen and I was wondering how to get that for my phone. Well, that or the Eclair lock screen, preferably the eclair one. And I don't mean lockbot, because I'm using that now and it's kind of buggy for me. Anybody know how to make this happen?
My phone must be ******ed, I follow these steps, I've ran the lockscreen-del update and i've deleted the apk manually and each time after i reboot i get a clear jacked up lockscreen with no way to unlock except using the menu key. Any ideas?

HtcLockScreen.apk and HtcLockScreen.odex should not reappear after you flash the lockscreen delete zip or if you manually remove it.

How are you removing them manually? through adb shell?
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