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Help Changes In Settings Does Not Stay Saved


Jul 12, 2010
Hi all,

I was wondering why the changes I make on the settings of the S2 does not stay saved. For example, I change the screen time out from 15 seconds to 30 seconds but after a few days, I notice that the screen time out is back to 15 seconds. Once, I ticked auto-sync and when I check again after a few days, it's unticked.

It's not a big issue but it gets frustrating when the phone does not follow your command.

Any thoughts on why this happens?

I've not come across this fault personally, but perhaps a power-saving feature (either stock or perhaps juice defender) has kicked in and once changed, it does not put the original value back? Or you might be checking these settings when power saving mode has kicked in? What was your battery %age level when you checked?

Just a guess.

Are there other non-power related types of settings that are also not getting saved?
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Noticed that the settings goes back to the way they were before being changed whenever i turn off the phone at night and then power it up the next morning. Is there some way to make the changes permanent even after turning off the phone?

I just have the stock power saving mode enabled at is scheduled to activate once batt life hits 30%.
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