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Root Changing icons in com.htcresources.apk


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May 7, 2010
Bakersfield, CA
I was able to change some icons in the framework-res.apk (I modified the Incredible Revolution apk and changed what I wanted and then went into recovery to flash it) but I tried to modify some of the com.htcresources.apk via Ninja Morph and it worked, but my gps was not working. The icons changed, I was trying to change the signal meter to red. I want to change all of the icons from white to red to go better with the Incredible Revolution theme. So, how can I change those icons, specifically cdma_sys_4signal_X? Also, what do I need to change the usb icon when I plug in my phone? I tried stat_sys_data_usb in the framework-res.apk, but that doesn't change it.
I attached a nice icon for text messages, just changed the blue to red.


  • stat_notify_sms.png
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