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Root Changing Number, Cannot Enter Service Codes


Apr 18, 2012
Hey all, I rooted my phone a while back thanks to AndyOpie I believe. I since forgot my username, I think it may have been Anonymous7 or something like that. Anyhow, I have an issue.

I am running CM7-backside-IHO rom. I rooted it with the help of Andy, and I thought all was well. Now however, I have a problem. I called Virgin Mobile about a stalking issue, and was instructed my police to change my number. So I told VM about this, since I didn't have the funds, and they actually put a price on it now. They changed the number for me remotely, and told me how to edit it manually. They gave me the cus*****y service code to enter and then edit the proper fields. My issue is this: Since rooting it with this ROM, i CANNOT enter ANY VM service codes at all. No matter what, it does absolutely nothing. No menu comes up, like on a regular VM phone, nothing. It is as if I entered any other random number.

I have not told VM I rooted my cell, and dont plan to. I am beyond my warranty. They have since charged my account for the number change and credited my account back the funds, since I could not pay, and it was an emergency.

The problem remains though, I am unable to enter Service Codes and have the handset recognize them. I have the Default Phone app that came with the rom, and also Go-DialerX. Neither work. Neither acknowledge any service codes entered. This is not good. Without this, I will be unable to change my handset number. And since the number is already changed in their system, it will cause issues later.

I need to know what the issue is, and how I can enter service codes. I am headed to bed, but will check this first thing in the morning. Thank you for your help and support, as always.

(oh, they keeo tryin to get me to Factory Reset my droid, which of course is not an option, and I told them I will not be doing that)

To access the dialer codes you will need to restore your stock backup (you do have one, don't you?). If not, then you need to flash one of the froyo roms; Harmonia 1.x, Bumblebee Resurrected etc. Just backup your current rom, flash the froyo rom, change your number, then restore your iho backup.

Ok, I have fixed my issue. I went back to Stock ROM, entered the codes, got my number changed properly, and now going to go back to custom. Thanks alot for the advice and help. Now all thats left is choosing my poison :p
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