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Changing phone to vibrate on calls


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Jul 5, 2015
I've just acquired a reconditioned Pixel 3 and am trying to figure out a few things. Apparently, this model didn't come with a manual and guessing hasn't solved my problems yet!

This phone is running Android 11; my previous phone was only running Android 8. On the previous phone, I could easily tell the phone to vibrate or be mute or to ring but I'm not seeing the equivalent settings on this phone. I'd like to be able to set the phone on vibrate, rather than ring, when I'm at work, just so I know that there's been a call. (I really don't get a lot of calls but I like to be aware of when they come in without them ringing.)

Can anyone clarify how I make this phone vibrate?

The Sound and Vibration page of Settings has the following:
Vibration and haptics - on
Do Not Disturb - off/1
Shortcut to prevent ringing - On (vibrate)
Default notification sound - Chime

I'm darned if I can figure out what to change to make my phone vibrate rather than ring and how to change it back to ring when I'm not at work.
isn't there a pull down of your notification bar a setting where you can turn sounds and vibrations on and off quicckly? i don't have a pixel, but it should be there for all android phones.

Honestly, in the absence of a manual confirming what the notification bar looks like and how I get it to come up - let alone what the symbols on it mean - I'm not 100% sure of the answer to your question but I *think* I've found the setting you mean. I'll give it a whirl and post back again if that didn't work.

Thank you!
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Under Settings > Gestures > Prevent Ringing, you can enable that option to press Power + Volume Up together as a shortcut to put the phone on vibrate-only or silent mode.

You can also press either Volume Up or Volume Down to open the volume slider. Tap the icon above the slider to cycle between Ringing, Vibrate, or Silent.
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