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choosing a launcher for volt


Sep 18, 2014
i'm accessing a few different launchers for my volt - running 4.4.2 - in the hope that i'll land on and stick with one that i most prefer (and can thus quit having to confirm each time with the "just once" button (more on that in a bit). i also suspect (or am i being paranoid? ;-) ) that having the selection options is bogging things down a bit

i currently have installed the virgin stock "home"; "kk", on recommendation; and google launcher

all three work fine but i'm wondering whether there's something i should look for during my assessment of each; whether any are more trouble-prone or objectively slicker than the others; if it's simply a matter of my own personal preference; and so on

and once i confirm with "always", where would i go in the system should i later choose to try another, different launcher (thus, overriding my "always" selection)?

I like apus luncher just for its simplicity

Just a heads up, I checked this one out, and I got an error from Chronus. It doesn't support some of the more modern widget sizing functions. Not an issue if you don't use widgets, but you could run into issues.

Otherwise, I looks like a nice launcher. I like the built-in system cleanup functions. :)
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Thanks all for your comments, endorsements

A fair amount of time has passed (and a number of launchers "gone under the bridge") since my initial posting, I've landed and settled on Smartlauncher (pro, though the free version is plenty enough)

Easy on resources, elegant and very flexible, I'm surprised I haven't seen it mentioned in the above comments

Bottom line, though: happy, with no complaints, and recommended
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