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Chrome and Facebook new layout


Android Expert
Nov 8, 2010
Recently Facebook updated for me when using chrome on my s20fe, but having done this it's not working as it used to and I'm hoping for a fix?
1. When reading a post/thread previously you could select view all replies and scroll through the thread. But now if you select view replies it opens in its own window which is now very tedious.

2. It is no longer possible to longpress open in new tab thus us very Usefull when needing to keep an eye on a specific thread.

It seems like the chrome Web mobile version looks and acts like the app which in particularly don't like and is why I use the browser, fifrefox still seems to work OK but I do prefer to keep using if there's a solution to these issues..

Chrome can be used as a webview on certain devices.

Try uninstalling updates for Chrome.

Alternatively, Android System Webview can also be used as a webview.

So perhaps uninstalling updates for Android System Webview will work.

(Webviews are what allow apps to show internet content.)

Be sure that Auto Update is off in your Google Play Store.
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