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Root CleanOS file reader issue / I seriously need help


Apr 20, 2012
hey guys, I installed clean rom and it's in a bootloop (I tried all the other solution involving the phone dialer)

I can boot into cleanROM 3.7 but when I plug in the data cord I don't get the option to use the phone as a disc source. I don't know why. if I could get this, I would be able to write the files on the sd card

I don't have a micro sd card reader but I could get access to another phone but I don't know what to do after that.

I'm sorry if this seems illprepaired but I got this phone as a gift from my father who I still live with, and if I screwed this up already it would be a huge disappointment to him. any help I would greatly appreciate. I've been trying everything it seems.
hey i found a sd card reader so i can edit the files on there.

i'm using clockworkrecovery but I can't find any options to flash or have the phone connect to my computer

did you follow these directions?

Updated 4/7/12
Place ROM on SD Card
Reboot to recovery
Wipe all data / Factory reset - Do not restore anything from back up. Do not ask in the thread if you can. You will be referred back to here!
Flash ROM. When ROM Completes you will have the option to install old firmware patch if needed. It will be located on the SD Card in the CleanROM Folder.
Now you will need to manually boot to bootloader. Do this by selecting Reboot to Bootloader via the Recoveries Development Menu (Amon Ra).
Device will then boot to fastboot.
Press Power to install the kernel / boot.img

sounds like you can simply boot to recovery,then flash the old firmware patch that is located inside the CleanRom folder.

heres what id do:
-plug your phone into your PC
-boot to revovery
-find the option to mount usb storage(not sure where youll find it in CW,i use amon)
-find the clean rom folder
-open it,and move the old firmware patch to the root of your sd card
-cancel usb storage(eject the drive from your PC first)
-wipe cache
-wipe dalvik cache
-flash the patch

that should take care of your prollems.
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